U.S.A. ranks 41 in Freedom of Press

Captura de pantalla 2016-04-20 a las 23.35.50.png

When it comes to Freedom, we think about U.S.A. as the Land of the Free. Liberty has always been a major point in our lives and we believe our Country is the most privileged of all.

Well, maybe in the past. Nowadays we must realise that things have changed, many countries can be considered as free, independent, democratic. What about freedom of press? Well, we rank only 41, behind countries as Germany, Portugal, Chile or Spain… and only one above Burkina Faso. Let’s take a look:


Impressive. Amazing. Disappointing. We should maybe re-think about what the United States of America have become or our Lady Liberty won’t be proud of us at all.

Nevertheless, don’t worry, we are in good company: France, Japan and Italy rank even lower.

Source: Reporters without borders.



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