Personal Data Leak… the new Aggressive Defense?


Spanish radio host Javier Cardenas

** UPDATE **

It looks like at Day Zero Alert we misunderstood part of the story, which is far more complex than we thought at the beginning. It involves more than one person so we prefer to keep our original post and make some corrections here for the first-time readers (original text from a DZA reader from Spain):
  1. @perradesatan is not the user who recorded the audio and uploaded it, @raisah [another listener] did. @perradesatan is a somewhat famous blogger who made an article about the first leak and then got bullied and threatened by Cardenas to take it down or be sued.
  2. Cardenas has been insulting and harassing @raisah and saying “somebody should do something” about her for two weeks now. Saying that she’s crazy, she’s a stalker, she should get a life and such on a daily basis. 
  3. The call was not made on air. Cardenas called the company where she works before the show and tried to coerce and pressure the boss to “do something” about it. He also said the boss’ name and the company name several times on air.

OK, if you are not  Spanish (and maybe don’t even know the difference between Mexico and the european country), you won’t probably give a shit about this. But, if you are concerned about how in danger your private life is, you maybe want to take a look on this story.

A couple of weeks ago a radio debate was broadcasted by EuropaFm: a local teacher blamed a student for her “too sexy” outfit. No idea what that outfit was, but it seems her cleavage was disturbing. And here’s where Cardenas shows up, with a mind blowing opinion about the “right way” to blame the girl. In a lousy and shy attempt to defend the teacher, instead of the girl, he said he should have told her privately. Good idea or not we don’t care, but what comes next is ridiculous.

A regular listener, shocked by the speech, records the audio and tweets, blaming Cardenas for its “machista” opinion. Machista being the Spanish word for a male chauvinist as such. The tweet goes viral, Internet is on fire and in a few hours Cardenas is forced to answer back but, instead of diplomacy he chooses a weird Streisand-like fight: deletes the audio, uploads a cut and paste version without the chauvinist part and accuses the tweeter  (@perradesatan @raisah) to lie. But she owns the complete audio file and uploads it to the Internet.

Social networks go on fire again and Cardenas feels weak and attacked. We don’t give a fuck about who’s right or wrong, or whose opinion is better, good, evil or even interesting. But the situation gets worse when a few days later the Spanish radio host calls, live from the studio while on air, her own fucking Boss (yes, he’s THAT sick) and asks him to fire the girl (yes, it is as childish as it sounds). And that, dudes, is but cowardice. And because he knows his way around community managing, happy with his brilliant strategy he GIVES AWAY her personal data, name and surname! Live and on air!

Now, the questions are: Where’s freedom of speech gone? Where’s privacy gone? Is a radio speaker authorized in any way to do that?

An attack is a good defense, alright, but giving away personal information is a felony dude. So beware radio listener, if you don’t agree with the host you can either tweet it or hide. But, be sure you get a very low profile…

Original audio (spanish)

There’s an uprising pledge getting a few thousand supporters on-line if you want to take a look here.


23 comentarios en “Personal Data Leak… the new Aggressive Defense?

  1. Hi there!
    Thanks for this entry, it’s good to keep the buzz going, cause this situation has been outrageous here in Spain. There’s just a couple of points that are not correct, tho, in case you wanna edit those.
    -@perradesatan is not the user who recorded the audio and uploaded it, @raisah did.@perradesatan is a somewhat famous blogger who made an article about the first leak and then got bullied and threatened by Cardenas to take it down or be sued. Another media did articles too, like buzfeed spain or harper’s bazaar, but the dude didn’t go after those, just the tiny media which he knew he could bully out.
    -Cardenas has been insulting and harassing @raisah and saying “somebody should do something” about her for two weeks now. Saying that she’s crazy, she’s a stalker, she should get a life and such on a daily basis.
    -The call was not made on air. Cardenas called the compnay where she works before the show and tried to coerce and pressure the boss to “do something” about it. He also said the boss’ name and the company name several times on air.
    That’s all.
    Thanks a lot for telling this story and spreading it so the people can see the injustice that has been made.

    Me gusta

    1. Thanks for your comment! We’ll update the post soon! We should be greateful if you keep us informed about the development of the situation! Are you in any way related to the blogger? Is she being sued?

      Me gusta

  2. Hello there.
    I love to see how this story is spreading. Yet there are a few things in your article that are not right. Not big mistakes or misconceptions, just small things: the girl whose personal data were revealed was not Perra de Satán, and the program did not call the boss live.
    The girl herself wrote this piece:
    I think that you are fluent in Spanish but, if not, I could translate her words anytime.

    Me gusta

  3. HI!,Im from Spain.
    And I can say all this its true.
    I think its sad that people like Cardenas use his influence to manipulate and to say how women may be wearing.
    Im glad that you translate the new for american people. Its pretty fine, good job.

    Me gusta

  4. Just an appointment: the original tweeter and listener of the radio was another one, not @perradesatan. This last one wrote an article on internet talking about all the problem (once the original one uploaded the audio in Tweeter) and then Cardenas threatened her with lawyers and those things via Tweeter saying that all the article was a lie.
    The other tweeter ( the initial one) had been threatened, insulted, prosecuted by Cardenas…so she had to protect her tweeter account, and is this tweeter and not @perradesatan the one who Cardenas called to her job and gived her personal data.

    Me gusta

  5. Hi! You mixed two girls, actually. The girl who recorded the audio was the one who had her data leaked, and was accused of “stalking” them and of changing the audio (he seems to think you can do that in five minutes while on the phone).
    Perradesatan is a writter who wrote an article on it on a feminist online magazine, and Cardenas accused her of also lying, and threatened to get her to court if she didnt delete the article.

    Me gusta

      1. Feminazi is a new sneer concept created to refer to hembristas (radical feminists).

        Modern spanish doesn’t think that the locutor were male chauvinist, he think that the womans who protested were exaggerated.

        I don’t agree with him. I heard live program and the locutor’s comments were unfortunate.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

  6. Men in Spain are constantly subjected to trial by feminist groups, we control what we say or how we behave.
    We have a law that being male in a relationship, the word of a woman takes away the presumption of innocence.
    Cardenas is the victim of a stalker, who did not want to ignore on Twitter for a comment he said on the radio.
    This comment seemed sexist to stalker and wanted to rectify by all means.

    Me gusta

    1. As the Owner of the blog says. The important part here (on this blog) is the data breach created by the Radio Host. His opinion is his, yours is yours (what I do not agree on) and that’s not the business. Is difficult to say that the Radio guy was stalked in this case (you can try, but seriously, with a mic in front of him, he speaking about her at any moment, calling a police officer to talk a subtly blame her…) It sounds like a lod of shit. And in any case, he do not have the right (And this is key) to give that information on public. It potentially a crime/Felony on Spanish Law.

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  7. Just wanted to point out that Cardenas also invited a “bulliying & harassment expert” from the national police force to the program where he reveal all the personal data. It was a sad to hear his attempt to play the victim (stating that this girl’s “obsession” was putting at risk their employers salaries and their mental health); but it was more sad to witness how that policewoman played into his charade and didn’t even raised her voice when he leaked all the data live. To sum it up, in order no try and not look sexist, he’s looking like a snobby brat and a bully, while making the police forces look like a joke and people wonder if they really know anything about privacy laws.

    Me gusta

    1. Let’s see whether we understood that or not: he invited an “expert” form the Police to talk about harassment live. What did she say when he revealed the personal info? How did she react? We’d be grateful if you could explain that to our readers.

      Me gusta

      1. She didn’t react at all. Whether she was coerced, bribed, a friend of his or just shocked to the extent to not say anything, we don’t know. The police officer said on twitter she only was answering the questions she was called for, and didn’t know anything about the case at hand. Cardenas was sly and talked on a general note about cyberbullying and stalking with the police officer for a while, maybe to smooth the transition, and then jumped into conclusions on his own, to justify his actions and behavior. The police didn’t say anything at all.

        Me gusta

      2. He called this expert live during the program. Her tweeter is @sbarrera0, and she’s an expert on ciber crimes who gives out conferences on online scams, privacy protection and such on a regular basis. Cardenas called her live and feeded her his far- fetched story, saying “Raisha” (i’m not going to give out her real name again) began stalking him about a month ago. In Cardenas version, she was lying and using all sort of excuses to try to get Cardenas personal address from the radio studio, and after she started uploading manipulated audios to get back at him after he turned her down (because this macho likes to style himself as heartbreaker aswell). I’m going to give the expert the benefit of the doubt, and assume she didn’t knew anything about the story, Cardenas was also trying his best to put her on his side saying things like “this could easily lead to some teenager killing himself” . But even so, during the live call he revealed all her personal data and job info, and talked endessly about how the boss should fire this twitter user. The expert completely ingnored de live harrassment and data leak, to reluctantly agree with him, saying that in some extreme cases the person should lose the job, but usually it all ends up in a fine.

        Before they made a whole new section on the show showing audiences how to fake an audio in order to discredit the girl

        Me gusta


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